About Us
Golf-Hakone.com specializes in golf vacations, golf getaways, reservations and basically anything you need to get you to the tee!

We offer flexible services from exclusive luxury golf vacation packages to day trip escapes from the city, selecting the finest accommodations and only the best and most scenic courses to ensure you have a truly memorable golf holiday here in Japan.

Our service includes professional advice on the selection of golf courses, club rentals, on course lessons, hotels, transportation logistics and a wide variety of side tour options. We also regularly visit all of our recommended hotels and resorts, to ensure that they provide the top standard and quality service you would expect during your golfing vacation. Our management has over 16 years of combined, invaluable, experience in the Japan golf industry to ensure you don't get "Lost in Translation"!

The mission of Golf-Hakone.com is very simple - to provide you with access to the best

possible golf experience with a Mt. Fuji view there is!

Golf Hotline: +81 90 9892 4319


Our office is located at:

Galloway Golf Group LLC.
2-8-6, Higashitanaka Room #202
Gotemba City, Shizuoka Pref.
Japan 412-0026
Founder & Managing Director
Bennett J. Galloway
Cell: 090-9892-4319

静岡県御殿場市東田中2-8-6 #202

ビジネス デベロップメント マネージャー
吉丸寛代 090-9172-2819