Golf Japanese

See also Willy Bagder's article "Golf Lingo" on Golf in Japan.

When you arrive at the club house
When you arrive at the club you are asked to sign in at the reception counter. Normally there's two registers, one for members, one for visitors.
After signing in, you get a card holder"Players Card" with a"rokka-ki-" (locker key). At most clubs it will have a bar code on it, and you are assigned number for the day. This is used like a charge card in the restaurant, snack bar and pro shop while you are at the club. With this system you wont need to use cash during the day. After the round present it to reception/front and settle your bill for the day.

Talk with caddie
Before start of play, the caddie will count the number of clubs in your bag and check with you to be sure her count is accurate. She will say "kurabu o kakunin.......".
This procedure will be repeated after play to ensure you still have all the clubs you began with, and often you are asked to sign a paper to confirm this.

In the bag
To ensure you get the right club, here's the Japanese for a regular set of clubs.
  • Driver: doraiba-
  • 3 W: su-poon
  • 4 W: ba-fi-
  • 5 W: go-ban wood
  • 7 W: nana-ban wood
  • 3 iron: sanban aian
  • 4 iron: yonban aian
  • 5 iron: goban aian
  • 6 iron: rokuban aian
  • 7 iron: nanaban aian
  • 8 iron: hachiban aian
  • 9 iron: kyu-ban aian
  • PW: pichingu
  • SW: sando
  • Putter: pata-

  • Golf Lingo
    Naisu Sho
    Nice shot...

    When a tee shot flies straight up in the air and back down again.

    When the ball lands in the water. Ike - pond, pocha - the unfortunate sound of your ball.

    Zenshin Yonda (also 'Play Four')
    When you hit a ball out of bounds from a tee shot, and play on from halfway down the course (marked with yellor tee markers) as if it were your fourth shot. (sometimes third on par-3 holes)

    The Japanese version of Fore!, to be shouted when you hit a ball that goes in the direction of other people. Remember to shout Fah! instead of Fore! (unless you were aiming at other foreigners).

    When you hit a shot that lands close to the hole's flag.

    When your ball is the length of the flag away from the hole.

    The best shot of the day (usually used to describe a tee shot). Literally, 'today number one'.